FoodBest Management Practices in Food Scraps and Organics Recovery
Econservation Institute and EPA Region 5




About the Project

Econservation Institute, thanks to a grant provided by Region 5 Resource Conservation Challenge funding, is conducted detailed research into the best practices for food scrap recovery in North America. EI is using web surveys, detailed personal interviews, site visits, and other means to collect data and complete and analysis of the existing food scraps programs in North America. This includes both residential and commercial programs.


Upon completion of the project EI will make the report public and will release a free "toolkit" for any community interested in food scraps recovery. The toolkit contains best management practices, lessons learned, the results of a comprehensive national survey, as well as the impacts and basic costs of program implementation. The toolkit is designed to help communities in Region 5 adopt and implement food scraps recovery programs. To learn more about the project, please browse the web site and feel free to contact EI on our contact us page.

The Toolkit is Now Available!

In order to help communities in Region 5 implement their own food scraps program a "toolkit" of best management practices in has been compiled by Econservation Institute. The report covers residential and commercial programs, collection practices, costs and impacts, and regulatory and permitting issues. To download a free copy of the report please click on the link below or go to the RESEARCH page of this website.




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Free Webinar Series/Presentations

As a means of sharing the results of the project EI and EPA Region 5 will host a series of webinars. To download previous slide decks or to register for a webinar please click on the link below---->ClickHere